Our developers design captivating mobile assets that are functional, exciting and made especially with your goals in mind!

We Know the Mobile Market

As mobile experts, the Digitopia team understands the latest trends, user behaviors and psychology that gets your app noticed.
We combine these concepts with our ability to create innovative mobile assets to deliver something that your target audience is guaranteed to enjoy. No matter what your goals as a business are, we ensure that your mobile presence is ideal for your user base.


The Product Process / Mobile Assessment

In order to understand your current mobile presence, we begin by conducting a full assessment of your app and all related materials.
By analyzing your app’s placement in the app store, functionality and other key components, we are able to see exactly what we are working with.
Don’t have an app yet? No problem! You can take advantage of our Mobile Strategy service.


The Product Process / Laying the Foundation

There are fundamental elements of a mobile product that need to be perfected for success.
These vital aspects include the downloading, registration and onboarding processes, as well as the initial screens users face the first time they use the app.
We focus on perfecting these in order to not only get users onto your app, but keep them coming back!


The Product Process / Mobile Optimization

Depending on the style and goals of your app, we will make the necessary modifications for the best possible results.

  • Push Notifications
    We use strategic native notifications from the app directly to your mobile device in order to keep the user engaged as frequently as possible.
  • Viral Usage
    By using the ‘Gamification’ concept that drives usability by providing excitement and stimulation to users, we help your app get more shares, likes and users.
  • App Loyalty
    Getting downloads is one thing, keeping users coming back is another! We understand how to use selective features that drive constant connections to your mobile assets.
  • Brand Visibility
    Leveraging your app to promote brand awareness is an effective way to market your business without the price tag. Our team knows how to use your app’s momentum to cross-market and increase brand recognition.



Higher conversion rates for any KPI


Impact your audience


Create a long lasting relationship


Turn your clients into ambassadors


Increase the bottom line

User Experience

Outperform your users’ expectations