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With over 3 million mobile apps available at any one time, users have never had more choices when they enter an app store.

Our App Store Optimization service blends algorithmic ranking strategies with dynamic marketing so that your app is easier to find for your target audience.

We Use Premium App Store Optimization Technology

Our Innovative Two-Step Technological Approach

  • App Store Engine Monitoring
    Constantly monitoring millions of the most-used keywords, we are able to zero-in on the niche phrases that your target market is searching for. This gives our team valuable insights when creating names, descriptions and other data that gets your app found
  • Digitopia App Store Algorithm
    Our data scientists have developed an algorithm that immediately compares the positioning from your app with all possible competitors in both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. As the algorithm detects changes in trends, we adjust the information to boost your visibility

Specialists that Go Beyond

  • Keyword Optimization
    We use the keyword data to write captivating titles, descriptions and other copy surrounding your app that helps it rank highly in searches for all relevant terms.
  • A/B Testing
    We are always testing new keywords and description styles to see what will help your app get noticed, so we can keep improving your rankings or maintain the top spot.
  • App Store Recommendations
    The analysis from our technology ensures that we have an advantage in getting your app to be recommended to your key demographics.
  • Support in Over 25 Languages
    No matter what country or language, our team can find the right methods to help get your app noticed and downloaded.

How App Store Optimization Benefits Your Business

  • An improved presence across the entire app store
  • More visibility including higher app store search engine rankings and recommendations
  • Persuasive app titles and descriptions that use sales psychology for more downloads
  • Constant improvement in the organic user rates of your mobile application
  • Optimized conversion rates for those who view your app in the store
  • Ongoing analytics and algorithms working endlessly to maximize your app’s position in the store, even as mobile trends and consumer behaviors change

You Have One Chance to Get Your App Noticed

Digitopia makes sure that audiences choose your mobile products with App Store Optimization.



Improve your app store discoverability


Build brand awareness through increased visibility


Increase app page conversion rates


Get more organic downloads


Enhance user acquisition results


Get to the top of the app stores on the right keywords






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